Sunday, October 21, 2012


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Halloween is around the corner, here is a tip for working with fur or feathers when making costumes. When using fur fabric or feathers the fluff can get caught in the feed dogs or wrapped around the presser foot. Try placing a water-soluble topping on top of you fabric to control the fluff or feathers, this will make the feathers or the fluff of fur slide easily under the the presser foot, with out getting caught in your machine. When done you can easily tear away the topping from the stitching with no visible residue.
Water Soluble Topping can be purchased at

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dental-Tools Really!

Threading Serger Loppers is sometime be impossible. So we will borrow tools from our dentist, Dental-Floss: you can purchase them at the drug store. You can go loopy looking for them if you drop them, so tie a ribbon to them and tie them to your serger. Simply pull the end of the thread through the loop on the threader, and then push the straight end of the threader through the hole in the lopper from front to back. Another great tool is a Dental-Mirror. Tackle troublesome needle insertion with the help of a dental mirror so you can see the holes that the needle must go in. Also try the Bernina brush/needle inserter, for easy needle insertion.
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