Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trip to the Repair Shop

Does your sewing machine hum? We get a lot of walk-ins and phone calls from customers that their machine has a humming noise. This is an easy fix!  We ask them to check that their bobbin winder is in the off position; often we accidentally push the bobbin winder to the on position when threading the machine. Using Can air is not your friend, try using a vacuum to suck the dust and lent out of your machine, when you use can air in the bobbin area it sends thread and dust thru out your machine. Thread and dust gets in the gear grease, and will cause it to get thick and will break off the teeth, this is an expense fix! Also if you have let your machine sit for a few years or someone as gives you a sewing machine, it best to have it serviced before you try to sew with it, the grease will get hard with non use and break the teeth off of the gears.  If you sew every week you should have your machine cleaned at leased once a year, if you are a twice a month sewer every 2 years to keep your sewing machine in running order.  So save yourself a trip to the repair shop always check your machine for TNT, thread, needle, tension and the bobbin winder.
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