Sunday, November 11, 2012

Accessorizing Your Sewing Box

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In a pinch we can sew with little more then thread and a sewing machine. Ask any sewing group and you will fine common items in there sewing box's. A person who appliques will have applique scissors and marking pens, yet those who garment sews might fine these notions at the bottom their list. The following list is a starting point for stocking your own sewing box, pick and choose what you will need for the projects you wish to sew.

 Shears                                                                 Small double curve scissors
Applique scissors                                                   Small screwdriver
Straight pins & Magnetic pincushion                        Thimble
Hand needles                                                        Needle threader
Seam ripper                                                          Tape measure
Stiletto or Awl Tweezers                                        Marking pen  
Tube turner                                                           Chopstick
Press cloth                                                           Fray Block or Fray check Glue stick
Rotary cutter                                                         Self healing mat
Acrylic Quilter's rulers (6"x12"-6"x24")
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