Sunday, November 4, 2012

Embroidere's Wand

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The Embroiderer's Wand is a needle-like tool with a rasp-like end that will take a thread from the front and take it to the back. All you have to do is insert the wand next to the thread you want to move to the back of the project and push it through. The rasp-like end grabs the thread and takes it with it, thus moving the thread end instantly to the back of the work. So if your scissors aren't quite as sharp as you'd like them and you want that little piece of thread gone, the wand works wonders. It's also great to move any loops to the back of the project. The Embroidere's Wand can be purchased at

How do you feel when you are sewing?

This longarm or free motion pattern is a 1/4 pattern there are two folded sides, you can enlarge this vintage pattern to the size block you need, you can right click and save picture as, to your folder.



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